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The Emonfur Project’s objective is to monitor the lowland, urban and periurban forests that have a fundamental role for environmental balance and sociality of the local communities, and are able to produce goods and services for the community.

Through a wide-ranging monitoring activity of some areas in Lombardy (ITA) and Slovenia, the project aims at assessing the impacts of the urban and periurban forests on preservation and increase of biodiversity, temperatures mitigation ability and seizure of CO2, and their influence in the preservation of the land and quality of life of the local communities. At the same time, the effects of climate change on the evolution of the urban forest and specifically on the development of some tree pathologies will be assessed.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To monitor some sample areas in Lombardy and Slovenia in order to check the evolution and growth of the forest systems given the situation of the ongoing climate changes and to study the ecosystem services supplied by the urban and periurban forests.
  • To carry out the first inventory of the urban and periurban forests, and the ones of artificial origin in Lombardy as reference for future inventories at national level.
  • To define, as first experience for the two countries, a permanent monitoring network of the natural and artificial origin urban and periurban forests.
  • To develop a monitoring proposal that will constitute a reference point at European level.
  • To assess the implemented governance activities for the urban and periurban forests in Lombardy and Slovenia.
  • To sensitize and involve the local communities on the importance of monitoring and about the significant role of the forests in the mitigation of climate changes, and improve the quality of life in urban and periurban areas.

Final products of the project will be three online manuals regarding the monitoring activities, ecosystem services, and planning and management of the urban and periurban forests, which are useful instruments for technicians and researchers of the sector.