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The project activities are divided among two different areas of action, based on their function and purpose: monitoring and inventory. Both of these actions share the common objective of preserving forest lands in urban and suburban areas.

Involves observing the selected sample plots over the three-year period of the project, in order to study and evaluate the status and functionality of lowland forest areas found in urban and suburban areas.
The monitoring activities are carried out by the participating universities, with the support of partners, conducting surveys on fauna, flora, the level of biodiversity, the status of the land, the health conditions of the vegetation, the growth index of the plants and the environmental and social functions carried out by the forests in these areas.

From the study conducted on the sample plots, a reference model will be extrapolated that can be applied to similar territories in both Italy and Europe.

Involves indentifying and capturing data that characterise the forests located in urban and suburban areas in the plains and main valleys in the Lombardy region. In particular, a survey will be taken of the forestry interventions conducted in Lombardy from 1975 to today. At the end of the work, an inventory will be created of the lowland forests of natural and artificial origin for the first time, with the aim of further optimising these actions and to identify any issues that could allow for more effective future planning.