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The Regional Agency for Agricultural and Forest Services (ERSAF) is an operational body of Lombardy Region that carries out technical and promotional activities in the field of agriculture, forest, rural development and natural resources management and protection with a multifunctional and integrative approach. 


The area of Parco Nord is located in the northern part of Milan’s metropolitan area (approx. 9 Km from the city center). In origin, the area belonged to industrial companies specialized in mechanical products.

The production ceased during the late ‘60 with the main industries moving far apart from the metropolitan area of Milan. In early seventies, the large part of the area was bought by the Lombardia government through the “Parco Nord of Milan” (PNM) who was entrusted to build the park by removing industrial debris and planting forest trees.



Regione Lombardia (RL), Agriculture Department, works for policies and lombardy agricultural development, environmental protection and promotion of healthy eating. In the forestry sector the activities are:

- in mountainous and hilly areas: increase, maintain, improve and protect the existing forests and grazing lands,

- on the plain and in valley areas: protect and conserve the existing forests, and also create new wooded areas and multifunctional green zones.



The Slovenian Forestry Institute is a public institution of national importance, competent for research in the fields of forest, forest environment, forestry, wildlife and game management.