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University of Bari

Dipartimento di Scienze Agro-Ambientali e Territoriali

 The Dipartimento di Scienze Agro-Ambientali e Territoriali (Acronym DISAAT) of the University of Bari promotes and coordinates research activities at national and international levels with the aim of developing, disseminating and exploiting the results of scientific research and increasing knowledge in key thematic areas identified in the framework of cooperation and integration at European level and collaboration with universities and other public and private institutions. The scientific activity deals with the following topic areas: (a) structure and dynamics of forest ecosystems; (b) silvicultural management and wildfires prevention; (c) productivity and management of rural and environmental resources; (d) ecosystem services and applications; (e) techniques for inventory, monitoring and land analyzing (geomatics, remote sensing, GIS); (f) sustainable planning and management; (g) ecological planning; (h) map production methodologies and implementation of procedures for collecting and processing data. An activate cooperation with other national and international agencies have helped to create and enhance relationships with several scientific and accredited partners.


Prof. Giovanni Sanesi

Dott. Giuseppe Colangelo

University of Florence

Dipartimento di Scienze delle produzioni agro-alimentari e dell’ambiente - DISPAA

The section of Plant Protection of the Department of the Agro-food Production and the environment (DISPAA, the new name of the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, from 1 January 2013) is responsible for the management of phytosanitary problems in various cultural contexts: natural and artificial forest stands, industrial woody crops, urban green, nurseries.


Prof. Salvatore Moricca

D.ssa Beatrice Ginetti


University of Milan Bicocca

Environment, Land and Earth Sciences Department

 The Department deals with the study of the environment, the land and the earth. It carries out interdisciplinary research activities concerning natural, human and technological components and the relationships that take place between them, in order to verify the feasibility of a sustainable development model.


Flora end fauna: dott. Emilio Padoa Schioppa

Pedology: dott. Roberto Comolli