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For information regarding registration, organisation and program please contact the conference organisator:

Ente Regionale per i Servizi all'Agricoltura e alle Foreste
via Pola 12 - 20124 - Milano

Conference organisator:
ERSAF: Enrico Calvo, Elisa Barbante, Francesca Ossola, Michela Fioroni
Lombardy Region: Roberto Carovigno, Elisabetta D’Ambriosi
Parco Nord Milano: Riccardo Gini, Benedetto Selleri
University of Bari: Giovanni Sanesi

Scientific committee:
Dr. Konijnendijk Cecil (Coordinator IUFRO – University of Copenhagen)
Dr. Janez Pirnat (University of Ljubljana)
Dr. Primoz Simoncic (Slovenian Forestry Institute )
Prof. Paolo Semenzato (University of Padova)
Prof. Alan Simson (Leeds Metropolitan University)
Raffaele Lafortezza (University of Bari)
Fabio Salbitano (University of Firenze)
Francesco Ferrini (University of Firenze)
Carlo Calfapietra (National Research Council)
Mariagrazia Agrimi (University of Tuscia)
Anders Busse Nielsen (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
Daniele Bassi (University of Milano).