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Carta of Milano

The Carta of Milan will be published in a second draft during EFUF when it will be discussed again and eventually approved.

Draft by Rik De Vreese, Mark Johnston, Cecil Cornelis Konijnendijk, Anna Lawrence, Giovanni Sanesi, Fabio Salbitano, Paolo Semenzato and Clive Davies.

The governance of urban forests and green spaces is a topic that is gaining more interest. For this reason, the next EFUF will have a session on governance and on the 'formal and informal institutions, rules, mechanisms and processes of collective decision-making that enable stakeholders to influence and coordinate their interdependent needs and interests and their interactions with the environment at the relevant scales' (Tacconi, 2011).

EFUF also aims to provide a set of strategic guidelines to stakeholders. We decided to call it Carta of Milan.

You can send comments to the Carta of Milan by the blog

Here you can find the final version