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Urban Forestry Award 2013

Competition announcement (expired)

The final session of the 16th EFUF Conference featured the award of Urban Forestry Project 2013 - “Best Urban Forestry Project Award - 2013”. The prize was awarded to the interventions project realized in the last ten years which contributed to the valorization of forest ecosystem services and the improvement of citizens’ quality of life.

The posters have been displayed on 9th May 2013 in Parco Nord Milano. Participants to EFUF Conference expressed their vote.


The evaluation criterias proposed to the voters were the following:

  • Quality and originality of the project
  • Pursuit of multifunctionality
  • Environmental and social value of the proposal (what are the project answers and chosen methodologies applied in terms of environmental and social issues)
  • Communication effectiveness of results
The top rated project was “From zero to one – why not academy – urban agriculture as requalification project” by LIVEINSLUMS NGO in Milan ( It is a project of  vegetable gardens realized in a school area in Nairobi (district of Mabatini – Mathare). The project aimed to improve relationships between inhabitants as part of a community. Furthermore the creation of an allotment between the school building  and the river creates a filter layer against the garbage floating in the river  nearby the school.


The Project “Chignolo: un bosco ritrovato – a found wood” by Marilena Baggio and Nicola Gallinaro was runner-up. It’s a multifunctional urban forest project in Milan periurban area, based on the theory of the Therapeutical Lanscape. The goal was to enhance the value of the Pinus strobus plantation coupled with the social health improvement target.

The project "Il bosco dei cento passi - The One Hundred Paces Wood in Gaggiano (MI)” by ERSAF (The Regional Agency for Agricultural and Forest Services) - Structure Rural Territory and Forest Nursery - followed in the third position. It’s a forest plantation realized on a piece of land confiscated to a mafia clan and given, in memory of Peppino Impastato (a journalist killed by mafia), to Gaggiano municipality in 2005. For this reason the forest symbolizes the fight against organized crime coupled with natural restoration.
In the list below are the other projects proposals submitted for the competition (pdf file):

-     Breath of fresh air for one of the most densely populated areas in Europe

-     A big forest between rivers

-     Parco del Lusignolo

-     Adda Mallero Park

-     Forestation project in Villa di Serio (BG)

-     The Plan Forest of Lodi

-     Ecosystem based functional planning of urban forests in ─░stanbul

-     Tree Canada

-     Parco Nord Milano