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Here you can find the Abstract book

Wednesday, 8th May 2013: Conference day 1

Sala Alessi, Palazzo Marino, Piazza della Scala 2, Milano

Carlo Calfapietra - CNR-IBAF: "COST Action FP1204 - Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests"
Andy Kenney: “Stewardship of private sector green infrastructure: challenges and opportunities”
Mercedes Sanchez: "How environmental attitudes discriminate the decision structure of suburban natural-area users?”

Plenary Session: EXPO 2015
Chair: Roberto Carovigno
Angelo Paris - General Director Construction & Dismantling (Expo 2015 S.p.A.) “Expo 2015: theme, event, exibition site”
Cristina Martone- Monitoring Achievements Green(Expo 2015 S.p.A.)“Expo2015: landscape” (part I - part II)
Anna Rossi - Project management Water Ways (Expo 2015 S.p.A.) “Water ways Project” (part I - part II)
Gloria Zavatta - Sustanability Leader Expo (Expo 2015 S.p.A.) “CO2 compensation”

Thursday, 9th May 2013: Conference Day 2

Plenary session
Chair: Tomaso Colombo
Riccardo Gini – Director of Parco Nord Milano “An history of environmental requalification” (part 1 - part 2)
Roberto Carovigno – Agricultural Department of Lombardy Region “The forestation of agricultural areas in Lombardy Region – Italy”

Parco Nord Milano tour (coordinated by Benedetto Selleri)
Participatory management and economic sustainability
Ecological connections
Forest management and forest monitoring
Environmental education and communication

Inauguration photo exhibition and poster and vote: “Best Urban Forestry Project Award - 2013”

Plenary session
Chair: Fabio Salbitano
Keynote II: Dagmar Haase“Ecosystem services provisioning by urban forests and trees - a contribution to human well-being and green economy “

Chair: Paolo Semenzato
Keynote III: Terry Hartig - “Walking in the urban woods: restorative outcomes as a basis for public health values"

Session S1: Social perspective
Chair: Arne Arnberger
Nail Sylvie “Social forestry at the heart of health and well-being issues in england”
Arnberger Arne “Indoors or outdoors? The role of urban green spaces and outdoor activities for the elderly during heat waves”
Panagopoulos Thomas “Evaluation of the changes at the Alqueva landscape”
García-Ventura Claudia “Comparison of two valuation methods for urban trees at the arboretum of the School of Forest Engineers in Madrid”
Rasmussen Kasper “Public art, urban green space, urban forests, place branding, management”
Gonçalves Artur “Perception and attitudes towards public green spaces – exploring the spatial dimension”
Kuzugudenli Emre “Natural areas effect on mentally disabled students”

Session E1: Environmental perspective
Chair: Paloma Cariñanos
Morani Arianna “Urban forestry and urban design: recommendations for an integrated approach”
CariñanosPaloma “Pollen dynamics, trends and evolution of the peri-urban forests in the city of Granada (Spain)”
Vilhar Urša “Towards a harmonized monitoring of water provisioning, regulating and purifying services in urban forests”
Yiğit Nurcan “Kastamonu (Turkey) urban forest”
De Groot Maarten “The importance of urban forests for biodiversity: hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) as indicators”
Mariani Luigi “Micrometeorological effects of an urban forest”
Gallagher Frank “From blight to bright, through phytostabilization”

Session G1: Governance
Chair: Silvija Krajter
Chen Wendy Yan “Relationship between urban forest cover and economic development: evidence from China”
Güloğlu Yavuz “Legal Aspects of Urban Forests in Turkey”
Krajter Silvija “Urban forest governance in the city of Zagreb”
Noor Azlin Y. “From plant inventory to improved management of urban forests in Malaysia”
Bakay Ladislav “Contemporary Urban woodlands in Slovakia
Saukkonen Tiina “Tell it on a map – A new GIS based internet inquiry for public participation on Urban Forestry planning in the City of Helsinki”
Konijnendijk Cecil Cornelis “Healthy parks healthy people: green space place branding as  metagovernance”
Kuhns Michael “Change in urban forestry programs in the Western United States – a comparison over 15 years” (part I - part II - part III)

Session UA1: Urban arboriculture
Chair: Ferrini Francesco
Östberg Johan “Grading of parameters for urban tree inventories by city officials, arborists, and academics using the delphi method”
Gillner Sten “Comparative analysis of urban tree suitability using dendrochronology”
Jim Chi Yung “Floristic and habitat differentiation of heritage trees in Hong Kong’s urban forest”
Ferrini Francesco “Planning the green city of 2050: species selection in a global change scenario”
Marion Lena “Challenges and solutions associated with felling in a mature urban forest in Ljubljana, Slovenia”
Baietto Manuela “Evaluation of a portable MOS electronic nose to detect root rots in shade tree species”
Calaza Martínez Pedro “Integration of hazard risk assessment in urban tree management. Case study: La Coruña. (Spain)”
Ginetti Beatrice “Urban forest health assessment under climate change scenarios”

Friday, 10th May 2013: Conference day 3

Plenary session:
Roland Ennos: “The physical benefits of trees in towns, and the effect of planting conditions and species on tree growth and environmental performance”
Rik De Vreese: “Social mapping of ecosystem services in a peri-urban woodland landscape in central Belgium”
Giuseppe Carrus: “Naturalness, perceived restorativeness and affective qualities of urban and peri-urban natural settings and residents’ well being”

Session E2: Environmental perspective
Şevik Hakan “Effects of parks on amount of CO2 in Kastamonu City Center” 
Sgrigna Gregorio “Particulate matter mitigation by Quercus ilex in urban environment: a quantitative analysis”
Žlindra Daniel “Deposition measurements in urban forests through implementation of protocols of ICP-Forests intensive monitoring programme”
Annerstedt Matilda “Health effects of urban parks – strength of the evidence”
Ciampitti Mariangela “Public awareness: a new tool for the early detection and a successful eradication strategy of the Longhorned Beetles Anoplophora chinensis and A. glabripennis”
Maarten De Groot “Improvement of urban forest health monitoring”

Session M1: Management perspective
Tomao Antonio “Urban forestry for cultural heritage conservation: inventory of tree systems for management of historic parks”
Chan Chung Shing “Changing perspectives in urban park management: a longitudinal study of Hong Kong”
Verlič Andrej “Visitors’ perception of visible environmental impacts on and along the walking trail in urban forest in Ljubljana – an exploratory study”
Calvo Enrico “EMoNFUr Project (LIFE+ 10/ENV/IT/399): inventory of artificial and natural urban and periurban forest in Lombardy Region”
Simson Alan “The design-management continuum : a concept in evolution” (part I - part II - part III)

Session S2: Social perspective
Chair: Duinker Peter
Hamm Astrid “'Tree psychology' – human perception and cognition of urban trees, and its impact on urban forestry”
Konijnendijk Cecil Cornelis “The impact of nature on creativity – a study among Danish creative professionals”
Duinker Peter “When citizens have their say: adjusting urban forest management to account for the public's values”
González-García Conception “Design of an opinion questionnaire about urban trees. Case study of a well-known street in Madrid (Spain)”

Plenary session
Nielsen Anders Busse “Species richness in urban parks and its drivers: a review of empirical evidence”
Chiesura Anna ”Monitoring Green Infrastructure: from an urbanistic to an ecosystem approach”

Session E3: Environmental perspective
Chair: Emilio Padoa-Schioppa
Pearlmutter David “Microclimatic effects of trees and vegetative ground cover in a hot-arid urban environment”
Gerosa Giacomo “OzONE REMOVAL by a perIurban mixed oak-hornbeam forest”
Padoa-Schioppa Emilio “Biodiversity monitoring: preliminary results of EMONFUR project in Milano (Italy)”

Session E4: Environmental perspective
Chair: Ana Paula Ramos (conclusions)
Kasperidus Hans Dieter “Lebendige Luppe and the challenge to detect and monitor changes in ecological processes and ecosystem services in Leipzig’s urban floodplain forest”
Ramos Ana Paula “Pests and diseases threatening urban palms in Portugal”
Campagnaro Thomas “Alien tree species and plant diversity in urban and peri-urban environments: the case of black locust”
Giuseppe Colangelo “Structural diversity and height growth models in urban forest plantations: a case-study in northern Italy”

Session M2: Management perspective
Chair: Paolo Semenzato
Semenzato Paolo “Managing the vegetation of an 1800-century park to preserve its picturesque character”
Akmar Nor “Experience characteristics of users’ preferences towards selected malaysian parks”
Leino Aino “Green Area Program 2011-2020 – long-term guidelines for developing, planning, implementing and maintaining the green areas using the interactive planning process in Vantaa, Finland”

Ceremony in memory of Michelle Gauthier (Douglas McGuire – FAO)
EFUF 2014 and 2015
Award of Urban Forestry Project 2013 (Enrico Calvo)
Award of Young Urban Forester of the Year 2013 (Clive Davies)
Carta di Milano (Giovanni Sanesi)
Summary of Forum and Findings (Clive Davies)
Closing address (Cecil Cornelis Konijnendijk)